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Training Aims

Although essentially a breed Club, the Rottweiler Club of South Australia Obedience Division has as one of its aims to successfully promote reward-based training to all breeds. It sees as essential the need for all breeds to successfully interact and socialise with each other as part of the training process and as such, opens its training classes to all breeds of dogs from the age of 12 weeks.

The training program is aimed in the first instance at having a well behaved and well adjusted dog in the home and in the community. It is hoped that the time spent in training will become part of the bond between dog and handler. It is hoped there will be a flow on effect that will see both dog and handler wanting to extend their knowledge to include other elements of training that can be mutually rewarding to the dog and his/her family.

The Club has the ability to take its members into the field of obedience competition if their interest leads in that direction. If a dog is capable of performing to a certain level, why not acknowledge and reward that achievement? A simple exercise for the pet dog – “loose lead walking” can then be refined to become “Heel on Lead” for the competition ring.

Although our training is aimed at the PET DOG, every pet dog has the ability to be a COMPETITION DOG if both the dog and the owner have the desire.


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Further Information

Narelle Medlicott - Phone: 0417 870 784
Trish - Phone: 0402 095 812

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Training Details

The training year commences on the first Thursday in February and concludes on the last Thursday in November.

When: Thursday night (February - November)
Where: Adelaide Cricket Oval No. 25, opposite the Police Barracks. Enter from North Terrace or East Terrace only
Cost: $3.00 per lesson as a member. Annual joining fee from $30.
Time: Classes commence at 7.30pm with puppy, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade3, and 8.15pm for Grade 4, Grade 5, and Show handler classes (every 1st and 3rd Thurs nights); please arrive 15 minutes early to exercise and socialise your dog.
Show Handler Class: Held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 8.15pm, cost $5.00.

Entry is from Port Road.

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Training Cancellations

Training will be cancelled if:

- the temperature is 34 degrees or over at 6pm
- there is constant heavy rain throughout the afternoon or evening
- there is thunder and/or lightning
- it is the Thursday prior to Easter

We ask you to exercise your own discretion, when conditions are uncomfortable for yourself or your dog.

Visit our facebook page for updated information on training cancellations.

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Exercise allows the burning up of excess energy, steadies the nervous system, curbs the tendency to bark and puts the dog in the best possible shape for training class. Therefore, you should arrive 15 minutes early for the purpose of exercising your dog before training. Walk around, do some preliminary training, mingle with other members and their dogs. Please stay away from any class in operation, as we do not want to cause unneccessary disruptions to training.

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Training Equipment

The Club recommends the use of a fixed collar, preferably a soft collar or a correctly fitted slip collar. The slip collar should only be used for training. Do not leave it on around the yard; if it catches on a stake, or anything else, the dog can choke.

The leash must be of sufficient length (85cm is advisable), to permit the dog movement without it being tight when the dog is walking under control. A long lead will be provided for recalls and stays.

Jumps may only be used by dogs that have reached the required standard and under supervision of an Instructor.

Food Rewards
These may be brought with you from home, or purchased from the trading table. Please ensure you have easy access pockets or a food bag.

A Clicker is a small rectangular, plastic box with a metal tongue, that when depressed makes a clicking noise. It is one of the tools used in our positive reward based training, and teaches your dog to think and learn in a way that is exciting, rapid, humorous and, above all, fun for both you and your companion. Clickers can be purchased at a minimal cost from our merchandise table.

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