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Tips For Purchasing A Rottweiler Puppy!

**Written by a Kerryn O’Brien**

1. Do your research! Just because a breeder is ANKC registered, doesn’t mean they are ethical.

2. ANKC papers are the ONLY papers!! Master Breeders Association are not accredited with the ANKC (health testing is not required)

3. Having a DACO Breeder Number does not mean they are a Registered Breeder it just means they have paid a fee to breed their dog.

4. Where you can, visit & view the kennel. You are looking to see how the dogs live on a day to day basis. If breeders are not willing to show you their kennels, there may be a problem.

5. Where you can, meet the breeder & the prospective parents prior to the litter & their other dogs. You should be able to mix with and touch ALL their dogs. No Excuses!

6. Look at the condition of ALL of their dogs. See if they have any older dogs or just dogs of breeding ages.

7. Ask the breeder questions...
* How old is the mother... Rottweiler bitches should NOT be bred under the age of 2 years (and over 7yrs unless they have a vet certificate)
* How many litters has the prospective mother had prior to this?
* Do the breeders work or is their sole income breeding dogs?
* How many litters do they have a year?
* Should the worst happen & the puppy have to be returned, will the breeder take it back?
* Does the breeder trainer compete in disciplines like showing, tracking, obedience etc?
* Is the puppy guaranteed against hereditary health issues. If so will the breeder expect you to return your beloved pet in order for a refund?
You are entitled to ask questions & have them answered. Also be prepared to answer questions.

8. Breeders advertise ‘Working Lines’ be very aware of what that means & decide if a highly driven ‘working’ temperament is a good fit for your family.

9. Check the health testing requirements & what health testing has been done & if the breeder does anything extra to ensure your puppy is happy & healthy.

10. Don’t buy a puppy from a breeder, who breeding dogs is their sole business. $$$ are the only motive.
If you are unhappy or have a bad feeling, go with your gut.
Don’t buy a puppy because you feel sorry for it. This does not stop bad breeders from breeding.
Be wary of breeders who don’t try to temperament match & just tell you what you want to hear & sell you ANY puppy you want to buy without discussion.
There are very clever sales people in all facets of life, so be vigilant & unfortunately they are in our breed.

Lastly.... sometimes you have to wait for the right family member. Pick your breeder before you pick your puppy. If you are buying a puppy from interstate talk to the breeder get a feel for the breeder, don’t buy one from email or texts. This is a lifetime commitment for the dog.
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Rottweiler Club of SA are proud to once again announce we have continued sponsorship from Taste of the Wild for 2020. ... See MoreSee Less

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Mr Pickles is still waiting for his forever home. Is that you!!!
Please contact SAHRA dog rescue in SAAre you an experienced dog parent with a quiet home? Mr Pickles would love to hear from you!

Mr Pickles is a sweet and loyal boy who would love to sit between your legs for a good ol' scratch!

He is good in the car and has recently learned to sit for a treat - good boy Mr Pickles!

He is a strong boy who is full of beans and zest for life! He would benefit from experienced parents who can support him through his training and help him flourish into adulthood.

He promises so much love in return and is hopeful his new parents contact him soon.

Are you who Mr Pickles has been searching for?

NAME: Mr Pickles
AGE: 1 year old
BREED: Rottweiler
SEX: Male
Good with kids: No
Good with dogs: Only dog in home - once settled he may be ok for playdates 😉
Good with cats: No

Adoption Fee - $450 includes first vaccination, microchip & desexing.

To apply to adopt please email us at sa_dog_rescue@hotmail.com with subject line "Attention: Boyana Re: Mr Pickles - Rottweiler”. Please include contact phone numbers and a little about the home you can offer.

Profile link: www.facebook.com/SADOGRESCUE/photos/a.106536299369895/2659751094048390?type=3&sfns=mo
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The RCSA is proud to be a member of the ADRK World Family

ADRK World Family

The Rottweiler Club of SA Inc are Proud to announce that our new club sponsor is…..

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Taste of the Wild

The RCSA are looking forward to working with Arnhem Pet Products to
Promote Taste of The Wild.

For more information please visit the website www.tasteofthewild.com.au

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