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Welcome to the Rottweiler Club of SA Inc

We are dedicated to the Rottweiler breed. Our objective is to protect and preserve the breed through education and responsible ownership.

You will find a wide range of information on our website, from show results to information on the breed and joining our club.

Rottweiler Club of SA Inc
PO Box 836,
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ABN 85 297 075 909


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For those of you who have not yet micro-chipped your loved one, now is the time to do it. Its now mandatory to have your pets micro-chipped here in SA.There is currently some misinformation going around re the cost of microchipping.

The $10 cost with our program CHIPBLITZ covers everything. The microchip is registered with DACO and with our national registry Global Micro Animal Registry. There is NO ADDITIONAL COST to you.

Beware: You may find however that with other people offering discounted chipping this may not be the case, so ask what you're getting. Your $10 is all we need and you are safe with CHIPBLITZ.
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Guardian Angel are massive support to Rottweilers in need here in SA, if you can spare a few dollars please consider helping a great cause.URGENT HELP NEEDED – THIS IS OUR PLEA FOR HELP! PLEASE SHARE THIS POST LIKE CRAZY

We are reaching out to you for help. Urgent help! We really have tried to do this without reaching out to you, but we can’t – not any more.

We’ve had vet bill after vet bill and it has completely drained our funds. To top it off we’ve just received confirmation that Fregon is having a leg amputation on Thursday. This has really tipped us over the edge.

Just in the last few weeks, we’ve had dog after dog needing extensive vet work. This has included Popeye who has required an eye ablation and Juno who required extensive eye treatment and surgery to remove an abscess from her neck.

To receive this news today about Fregon after we spent over $2,000 in previous surgery to fix two broken legs is just heart breaking. These are just some of the cases. It really pains my heart.

We urgently need to raise $7,000 tonight to clear our vet bills. Without your continued help, it will be hard for us to help the ones who really need us going forward.

If 1,400 of you donated $5 each, we would clear our vet bills. It’s just the cost of a cup of coffee but one that could save a life.

Let’s do this together. It would be amazing if we reached our goal tonight.

Click to donate here: fundraise.giveeasy.org/campaigns/urgent-help-needed-right-now
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The RCSA is proud to be a member of the ADRK World Family

ADRK World Family

The Rottweiler Club of SA Inc are Proud to announce that our new club sponsor is…..

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Taste of the Wild

The RCSA are looking forward to working with Arnhem Pet Products to
Promote Taste of The Wild.

For more information please visit the website www.tasteofthewild.com.au

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