Rottweiler Club of SA Inc
Rottweiler Club of SA Inc

Club History

rottypupEarly 1973, in response to an article printed in the 'Messenger' Newspapers with a photograph of a 'black and tan' dog asking for anyone who owns one or would like to know more about them, several people gathered in the South Parklands for a picnic. There were a number of happy people with children and a few of them even brought their beloved dogs along. Whilst we talked the dogs were let 'loose' with the kids to play in the creek beds along the road.

We decided to form a social breed club where we could compare notes and gain more knowledge from some of the people who had owned Rottweilers and kept in touch with the breeders who were mostly living in Victoria. Our Club grew and over the years became affiliated with the South Australian Canine Association.

We then became eligible to hold our own 'Parade' and 'Open Show' and, not long after this, then qualified to hold a 'Championship Show'.We very quickly established our very own 'Obedience Training' classes. Our own Patron, Mrs Jan Creek, along with her husband, Don, defected from the South Australian Obedience Dog Club to become our first trainers along with some other faithful followers who also participated in obedience classes at other schools.

There are still some of us “oldies” from the 70’s who still proudly hold Club membership. Jan Creek (Patron & Life Member), Robyn Rogers (Life Member) and Josie Eiffe (Life Member).

Life Members In Memoriam
Pauline Crawford
Carlene Naugton
Don Creek

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